What Lighting Can Do For You


Outshine your competitors

Lighting has a huge role in the appeal of your booth or display. Knowing how to properly layout lighting in a space takes skill - it is not easy to do. The light in your area of merchandising has an effect on how customers will be attracted to and intrigued by your company’s brand.

Designing your area is no walk in the park, your retail space should be your most productive and most efficient salesperson (Peacock, 2019). The same goes for exhibit space and events! I’m sure you’ve heard of visual merchandising, and while that term encompasses a a multitude of ways you can market your brand differently, it is important to remember the role lighting plays in those.

Bright lighting can boost your clients mood and give them more energy and alertness (Loa, 2014)! This is great when you wish to create an interactive space to grab attention from your customers.

It is also important to consider the beautiful designs that are now a possibility with LED light strips and different colored lights. This opens up a world of possibilities when looking to make a unique booth or display for your area.

Lighting creates depth, mood, and aesthetic - it leaves a lasting impression on your prospective customer. I know this is a lot to think about, but that’s why CMA is here to help you sort all of it out. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to help you with lighting design in your exhibit space.

Sarah Montalvo | Marketing Analyst

June 6th, 2019



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