Look Up to Something…

Ever look up and see something that takes your breath away? Using height to create dimension and uniqueness to your trade show booth captivates your next potential client from thousands of feet away.

If you’ve been to a trade show before, you recognize the fact that they can be big, crowded, and at times - hectic. So how can YOU stand out from the chaos?

There are several ways to to achieve this. The most breathtaking being hanging signs above your exhibit. Floating signs broadcast your company to the furthest viewer. Though, we all know how difficult hanging signs can be to set up and how pricey they can be.

What can the cost effective solution be here? Go tall! The best example is the image to the left of Choice Equipment Company (CEC)’s 16 foot high booth. As you can see - it just about touches the ceiling! Building their SEG fabric structure created an amazing outcome for CEC as they gained the attention of customers from across the trade show floor while staying on the ground - and within budget!

If you are currently attached at the hip with your current (“shorter”) booth and aren’t looking to purchase a hanging sign - no worries. There are many ways to create dimension and intrigue - reach out to Contrast Media Agency and we can help you start designing your next “sky high” concept.

Sarah Montalvo | Marketing Analyst

June 19th, 2019