Interacting with customers can be quite a challenge…

When it comes to forming lasting connections with your clientele, it takes much more than shiny lights. Of course the attractiveness of your brand should not go underestimated, that’s what brought clients to you in the first place! Though with that considered, what makes them stay?

Have you ever exhibited at a convention and noticed THAT customer - the one that seems interested, walks around your booth a little, but avoids all eye contact? That is the customer you need to make the first move with.

They aren’t there for no reason, you’re not some annoying salesperson at a furniture store, they came to experience your brand specifically. So, how can you show them they made the right choice? Go up to them, introduce yourself and ask what brings them to your booth!

You cannot be afraid to approach the customers who arrive at your doorstep. They are looking to be wow’ed, so go in with the confidence that you’re the right company for their needs.