Add Some Growth to Your Business


LiVen up a bit

A mistake most people make when planning out exhibit and event decor : no plants. After working in interior design and earning a Bachelor’s in Psychology, I can confidently say that having plants incorporated into your area is critical.

The benefits of having foliage around is an immensely long list, so let’s focus on the important parts. Plants themselves symbolize the exact things your business should represent - growth, care and liveliness. Because plants carry this heavy symbolic toll, they are known to create feelings of increased happiness and stress relief.

It is common practice to place plants in several types of locations, design professionals may place plants with specificity because of a subconscious awareness of the human need for natural contact (Hillenbrand-Nowicki, 1993)

Plants have emotional benefits and attractiveness that will invite people into your booth, and might just encourage them to stick around for a while.

Sarah Montalvo | Marketing Analyst

June 4th, 2019



Hillenbrand-Nowicki, C. (1993). The Effect of Plants on Human Perceptions and Behavior Within an Interior Atrium [Abstract].