Ship Happens


We have all been there… But you don’t have to be

Nothing comes super easy when planning exhibits, events, or experiences. It takes a few key people to put together a flawless plan and execute it. (I mean, that is why CMA exists, right?) One challenge many trade show managers dread is that necessary but daunting task: packing up your booth for shipping!

We understand this feeling - you are busy, in a time crunch, trying to save money on an already over budget project - but you know your booth is a major investment and must arrive in one piece.

Using cardboard boxes from your local hardware store or moving material supplier puts your booth at serious risk for damage. The last thing you want is to open up those cartons on-site during set up only to find…a booth in pieces.

In the picture on the left (behind our stellar graphic specialist, Alex) we present the answer to your fears: Custom-made crates. These containers are constructed with protection, strength and durability in mind so that your booth properties can travel the world safely from show to show. Just like you do.

Sarah Montalvo | Marketing Analyst

July 31st, 2019