Spread the word….

We know, there is a LOT of planning and preparation that goes into your next exhibition. Though, this task is a pretty simple one for you to execute before your next big show.

How do your customers discover new product, company announcements and other exciting news? By your marketing. When you launch a new product, you showcase it on Instagram, you send out a new email campaign, or maybe you temporarily change your website’s homepage so it’s the first thing people see! Do the same thing when going to a trade show.

Let your clientele know when you will be there and where you will be. It gives a nice and welcoming heads up to all of your existing and potential clients who would like an opportunity to experience your brand in person.

Spreading the word about your upcoming events leads to an increase in visitors, and the super fun marketing and pleasant customer service they experience through the process helps turn them into buyers.

If you need help planning out your next marketing campaign, or even want a little advice, feel free to reach out to us.

Sarah Montalvo, Marketing Analyst

August 7th, 2019