Spread the word….

We know the sleepless nights that go into planning all the details involved in executing your company’s next trade show exhibit. Add to that the task of promoting your booth to the show attendees and you’re left wondering just how to make this all work…

So, how do your customers discover new products, company announcements and other exciting news? Through your main marketing channels, of course! When you launch a new product you showcase it on Instagram, send out an email blast, and temporarily change your website’s homepage so it’s the first thing people see! The same game plan applies when promoting your upcoming trade show.

Be sure your current and future clients know where to find you on the show floor. It’s a special event that they will not want to miss, so be sure to let them know why they should be there to experience your brand in person!

Spreading the word about your upcoming events leads to a direct increase in ROI. That super fun “person-to-person energy” can only be experienced on the show floor, and it helps build your brand in ways that no on-line postings can ever hope to match!

If you need a fresh approach to your next marketing campaign, or just want to bounce some ideas with a fellow trade show warrior, feel free to reach out to us any time!

August 19th, 2019